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Your Team Manager has Changed

  • 14/09/21
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If your Club has appointed a new manager, there's admin to do!

Should your Club, for whatever reason, change the Women’s Team manager, it is really important that you inform the League ASAP so the League Handbook can be updated. This is the only source that allows Clubs to contact each other and arrange matches.

It is equally, as important, to remove the outgoing manager from their duties on FA Whole Game System and upload the new manager’s details including their FAN. If they are to become the Team Administrator they need to be allocated this role as well within FA WGS. This should share their information with FA FullTime. If entered correctly and their email is verified it will allow the League Administrator to initiate an email from FA FullTime inviting them to that position.

Once setup correctly the new Manager/Team Administrator will begin to receive notifications of fixtures and Match Official appointments..

You also need to update your Club’s recipients of SMS messages to ensure that at around halftime during your Sunday game you receive a text message from the FA inviting you to respond with the final score after the game. This will automatically update the score on FA FullTime.

FA FullTime is currently strewn with poorly entered data, multiple FA Numbers (FAN) for the same player and old data still linked with Clubs. Please go through your FA WGS and detach players no longer registered with your Club and remove individuals who once held managerial or admin positions with your Club and who are no longer doing those jobs.

Whilst this will not solve all FA WGS and FA FT problems it may help resolve some of them.

You’ve got to love admin!