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Team Sheet & Match Report Forms

  • 11/08/21
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Details on completion of the required physical match day documents for the 2021-2022 Season

Two versions of the 2021-2022 Season Team Sheet & Match Report Form that must be used for all League matches and League Cup ties have been sent to every Club Secretary. One is in MS Excel format that will allow those who wish to enter the details using a computer or other compatible device. The other is in PDF which can be completed by hand.

BOTH TEAMS must complete a form for every game.

BOTH TEAMS must provide identical copies of the form to the Match Referee AND Opposition Team at least 15 minutes before the scheduled kick-off time.

If their name is not entered onto the form by this point then a player cannot take part in the game.

At the end of the game BOTH TEAMS will need to receive a RESPECT MARK (out of 10) from the Referee who must write in the mark on the form.

BOTH TEAMS will enter (on their respective forms) a score (to a maximum of 100) for the Referee based on their officiating during the game.

BOTH TEAMS will nominate an OPPOSITION PLAYER OF THE GAME. Please do not enter the name of one of your own players as has happened so many times in the past!

The Manager of BOTH TEAMS must enter their names upon and SIGN their own form

Then follow the instructions listed at the bottom of the Form.

PLEASE NOTE: Players are not required to sign the Form. This is a trust and integrity issue. Any Club found to be in contravention of the relevant FA Rules can expect to receive the maximum penalties available that may include points deduction, fines and suspensions.

Best wishes


2021-2022 Match Result and Team Sheet PDF - Download / Open

2021-2022 Match Result and Team Sheet Microsoft Excel - Download / Open