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Photography & Videography

  • 23/01/22
Football image

The subject of photography and the filming of League Matches has caused problems in the past. This is reminder of what is and what is not acceptable.

Please read the documents to which the following links apply. On most occasions photography and the filming of football activity does not cause any particular problems.

When this subject does cause problems and, sometimes, conflict it is usually because there is an assumption permission to do so has been granted. However, before any such activity takes place AND particularly if the images are to be uploaded to social media or some other online platform, it is a common courtesy to ask for the agreement of both Teams. If one or both should object to material being uploaded to the Internet then those concerns should be listened to and complied with. This is particularly applicable when Under 18 year olds or vulnerable adults are playing. Please remember that under 18s fall within the Child Protection Legislation.

FA Photography Guidlines - Download / Open