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FA FullTime SMS Contacts

  • 30/08/21
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Ensure your SMS Contact Numbers for FA FullTime are current and correct.

I have been asked by KATH to request that every Team checks their SMS Contact Details recorded on FA FullTime. It is clear that some of these are out of date. The SMS numbers recorded on FA FullTime will be the mobile numbers (NO LANDLINES) that will receive the SMS messages from the FA requesting the scores for your games to which you need to respond. So, it is vitally important that the numbers recorded are correct.

Please ensure that the two numbers recorded on your League Affiliation Form are the same two numbers recorded on FA FullTime. Unfortunately, we as a League cannot do this for you as we cannot edit this section of FA FullTime.

If you encounter difficulty, you may need to edit the mobile numbers through WGS. If you still have a problem please contact your County FA.