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Team Sheet/Match Report Form

  • 22/10/21
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There are still Clubs failing to complete this simple form correctly.

Please see the attached example Team Sheet/Match Report Form. If you click on the Text Boxes it should offer help in completing the Form. Basically, if the box is shaded in grey fill it in if appropriate.

As well as responding to the SMS Result Text by 1800 hours on Match day, you need to upload the required Match details to FA FullTime AND send a copy of the completed Team Sheet/Match Report Form to the League Chair by the Tuesday evening, at the latest, after the game.

It is important that the League receives a copy of the Form because your Club is signing the completed form to confirm:

1. Copies of the Team Sheet were provided to the Match Referee AND the Opposition AT LEAST 15 minutes before kick-off.

2. That all players named on the Team Sheet are properly registered with the League for the 2021-2022 Season and that no player has played under an assumed identity.

Failure to fulfil any of the requirements will attract League Fines.

Example Team Sheet/Match Report FORM - Download / Open