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Match Postponement - Weather

  • 01/11/21
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Some Clubs are not following the required procedure.

Every season games are adversely affected by the weather. A perception by some Clubs appears to be that they can pressurise a Home Team to search around at short notice and significant expenditure for an artificial pitch to play upon if their nominated natural pitch(es) is unplayable. This is NOT something the Home Team needs to do. If the Home Team can find a FIFA accredited artificial surface at short notice and is willing to stand the added expenditure, then the Fixtures Secretary is unlikely to object to such a rearrangement if BOTH Teams agree. However, I reiterate, there is no obligation on the Home Team to do this.

Equally, if there is sufficient time AND both teams and the Fixture Secretary agree, a fixture may be switched to the Away Ground if that fixture has not already been played. However, again there is NO obligation on the Home Team to agree to this.

Before the arrival of the Match Referee determining whether a ground is fit to play upon is the responsibility of the Owner of that site or their Appointed Official (usually the ground staff). There have been occasions when opposition officials have travelled to the away pitch to check the pitch condition if the game has been called off. Please don’t waste your time as the Site Owner is the sole decision maker in these circumstances.

If both Teams and the Referee are present, then the decision regarding whether the pitch is fit to play upon will be the responsibility of the Referee.

If the Ground Owner calls off the game then the Home Club must telephone the League Fixture Secretary and speak to her before 1100 hours on the day of the game. If called off by a Referee, then the League Fixture Secretary must be contacted as soon as possible following that decision by the Home Club.

In such circumstances, both teams must respond to the relevant FA FullTime result request text by responding and entering P-P.

A Match Postponement Form must be completed in full by the Home Team and forwarded to the League Secretary to be received no later than Seven Days following the postponement. The Form template can be found on the final page of the League Handbook.

If the League is content that all rules have been followed correctly the fixture will be rearranged.