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Women's Murrati - 13 May 2023

  • 15/05/23
  • By John Treleven
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Summary of the Statistics from the 2023 Women's Murrati

Saturday 13th May 2023 (10.30a.m.) at Footes Lane, Guernsey

Women's "Muratti" (Norman Piette Trophy)

Guernsey Women 1 (Calleigh Hedley 64)
Jersey Women 4 (Ella Docherty 30, Eve Watson 34 & 75, Hannah Campbell 53)

Jersey now lead the series 16-6

Att 650 (overcast, 12C, chilly northerly wind)

Guernsey (Green/White/Green; GK Grey/Black/Black) (4-4-1-1 R to L - 1; 2-6-5-3; 7-4-8-11; 10; 9)
(note Pengelley nee Prialux and Bougourd nee Simon)
Emma Queripel, Scarlett Keneally, Scarlett Gallagher (Ogier 73), Aimee Ogier (Batiste 56), Joelle Pengelley (c), Stephanie Batiste (Lynsey Stanton 6, Olivia Smith 82), Elise Le Lacheur (Codie Le Flem 63), Candice Bougourd, Calleigh Hedley (Le Lacheur 89), Donna Gallienne, Adrienne Leech (Amy Dallamore 68). Not used - Ioana Maftei (sub GK)

Manager - Anna Gauvain, Coaches - Katie Watson, Scott Ferbrache, Kayleigh Marquis; Medical - Kay Pires and Kylie Robillard, Advisor - Paul Wheatley

Jersey (All Red; GKs All Yellow) (4-1-4-1 R to L - 1: 2-6-5-3; 4: 7-10-8-11; 9)
Soraya Da Conceicao (Grouville) (sub Ana Malta (Rozel Rovers) 89), Tiffany Sundby (Rozel Rovers), Sofia Rodrigues (Wanderers) (sub Lauren Quemard (Wanderers) 68), Holly Muirhead (Rozel Rovers), Daniella Da Silva (Rozel Rovers), Libby Barnett (c) (Wanderers), Ella Docherty (St. Clement), Eve Watson (Rozel Rovers), Hannah Campbell (Rozel Rovers) (sub Olivia Labesse (Grouville) 61), Leah Morris (Rozel Rovers) (sub Poppy Benest (Rozel Rovers) 80), Macey Wyse (Rozel Rovers) (sub Roisin Flynn (Rozel Rovers) 54)

Manager - Chad Morris, Coach - Harry Walker, GK Coach - Jonathan Le Fondre, Physio - Fiona Robertson, Kit - Bob Richardson

Player of the Match Award (Milly Sarre Trophy) - Eve Watson (Jersey)

Minutes Silence - Match preceded by a minutes silence in memory of Alec James Le Noury, Guernsey F.A. President 1985-2004, who died on Saturday 29th April 2023, aged 87

Injuries - Batiste (G) 5 & off, returned 56, Kenneally (G) & Watson (J) 41, Gallagher (J) 70 & off

Woodwork - Campbell (J) header from corner hit right post 2nd minute

Corners - Guernsey (3) 5; Jersey (4) 4
G 16, 16, 16, 83, 85; J 1, 2, 11, 29

Match Officials - Abby Georgia Dearden (Blackburn), Tom Nerac (J), Geoff Ogier (G), Luke Pattimore (G)

Note - Tom Nerac was a late replacement for his injured brother Luke and Luke Pattimore was a late replacement for Steve Hutchison who was stuck in Jersey following a school trip when the return ferry was cancelled on Friday 12th

Jersey kicked off attacking the North end 10.33.30 (1.10 added), second half 11.36.00 (2.05 added)