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Week 8 Match Report

  • 15/01/16
  • By Krztstof
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Match reports for Anfield Floodlit league games played on 08/01/15

AFC Cronus 5:3 Mayfield

Welcome back after Christmas break. The first game in the new year was against AFC Cronus versus Mayfield. Both teams are in the possession of the same colour (blue) of the top, fortunately this time organisation of the evening was at the top level. Yellow bibs were provide to the Mayfield’s players due to being an away team. Let’s start the game! Both teams were very motivated and determinated after a separation from football. Some players were running up and down whereas some players were still recovering from a Christmas’s meals. First dangerous situation we were able to observe just after a minute into the game. Cronus player sent a long to the striker who penetrate defensive line from a deep area at the high speed. He received the ball with and stand 1v1 with the goalkeeper with a defender just next to his shoulder. But Mayfield’s goalkeeper made one of his amazing saves of that day, no goal! For the response from the Mayfield team we had to wait for 3 minutes, when they hit the post from the free-kick few yards away from the penalty box. Five minutes later Cronus created a situation after a long ball from a goalkeeper. One of the offensive players won the header and send the ball further to the striker who make a run between defenders. Unfortunately the shot went wide. After another minute we had first goal of the night and the first goal this year. Goal for Mayfield. Absolutely beautiful strike from 30 yards, ball on the way to net hit the crossbar, 0:1! Cronus tried to react quickly for that conceded goal, and they had a chance just after a two minutes. However, Mayfield’s goalkeeper produced two incredible/amazing/world class/wonderful/magnificent (pick up one) two saves within the 20 seconds. First one in the situation 1v1 and then another shot from inside the penalty area. With those saves he can nominate himself for FIFA Wolrd XI for 2016. Shortly after those saves, Cronus had another situation, but I think player with the ball was aware of the goalkeeper’s skills and tried to generate greater power of the shot. Unfortunately the ball went nowhere near the goal and went over the fence, probably hitting one of the parked cars far, far behind the pitch. Five minutes before the end of the first half Mayfield scored their second goal of the night after a ball from the corner into the far post with a composure finish, 0:2! Just before half-time, Cronus scored their first goal of the night, which gave them a positive minds for the break. Goalkeeper was close to block the shot, unfortunately for him ball after hitting his hands still went into the goal.
Cronus motivated with the goal went into the attack in the second half and just after a minutes they scored again. Great ball between defenders and striker kept the ball really well under the pressure and finished with the goal. Later we had a great show of the skills, where one of the Cronus players did a double sombrero to the Mayfield defender… in the penalty box! Unfortunatly, situation haven’t end up with the goal. In the next couple of minutes we could observe competition of the long range shots with a three 30-35 yards shots or half voley. All of them were really dangerous, but all of the went just over the bar. After conceding 2 goals Mayfield woke up and showed some great piece of football, with an incredible combination play at the high speed between halfway line and penalty box, finished with a ‘sweaty’ goal. 2:3! AFC Cronus were not happy from the situation where again they were losing, so they decide to score three more goals till end of the game with a few composure finish in the penalty box and finally game end up with an 5:3 result for AFC Cronus.

Lane Ends 0:6 Weightmans

Second gam of the night was versus Lane Ends and Weightmans. Lane Ends tried to keep the possession for a longer period and were trying play from the back. But the first goal of the match was for Weightmans who made a shot from 35 yards and the ball went over the goalkeeper who could watch the ball going into back of the net, 0:1! Few minutes after first goal, Weightmans scored again. Cross from a corner kick was headed away outside the penalty area, but Weightmans player received the ball 22 yards from the goal, under the pressure by the referee. Player create himself a little bit of space and decide for the shot. Ball hit the crossbar, then hit the post and finally went inside the goal.
For the next goal we had to wait to the second half. Third goal of the night was from a free-kick which initially was a cross from the wider areas, however no one change the trajectory of the ball and we had 0:3 on the scoreline. Lane Ends were not able to be competitive with the opponent that night and they started creating situation for the opponents, who scored 3 more goal that evening. They tried to keep the defensive line higher up the pitch, which encourage Weightmans to play the ball over into the strikers who tried to stay onside. Just before end of the game Lane Ends had a chance to score their only goal of the night, but goalkeeper blocked the shot from a 1v1 situation. Worth mentioning is wonderful behaviour from both teams and showed of sportsmanship. Players from the both teams respect each other. They had many challenges, but all of them were ending up with high-fives, hugs and helping each other stand up on the ground. Very pleased to see those kind of action on the football pitch. Final result, Lane End 0:6 Weightmans.