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Team Administrators

  • 14/04/06
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Team administrators can enter results, post notices, write match reports and update their own information online! E-Mail Peter George to become a team adminstrator. More >>>

Team administrators can interact with the league's FULL-TIME web site. You can update your own information, including player's details, latest results and contact details.

You can post notices and write match reports for your games. To be a team administrator, please contact Peter George. Team administrators can only be chosen from those individuals (secretaries and league representatives) as recognised by the league, or by others if recommended by the team's secretary.

Finally you can 'pre-register' new players for your team. These new entries will be shown as 'pending approval' and are only finalised when the registration secretary receives the correct registration form. Hopefully by next season we can turn this into a normal procedure, making life easier for all.