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League Handbook 2019/20 Section Info

  • 31/07/19
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The League Handbook has been divided into convenient sections for ease of use.

This is a list of information and where you will find it:

Player/Official/Spectator Behaviour and Expectations - Code of Conduct

Advice to Secretaries, Standard Fines, Important Dates - Secretary Advice

Past & present League Officers and Council Members - League Details

Rules on constitution, membership, AGM, special meetings, protest procedure and other rules on league management - General League Rules

Player Registrations, Cancelled Fixtures, Abandoned Matches, Promotion & Relegation, Club Colours, Transfers, Reinstatements, Reporting Results - Matchday Rules

Referees Appointments, Fees, Governance - Referees

Guidance on marking referees - Appendix 1, Marking Referees

Temporary Dismissals (Sin Bins) - Appendix 2, Sin Bins

Benevolent Fund and Ron Escott Rules - own section

League Club Secretary Information, Pitch Details, Contact Details, Match-day Colours - Club Information

Information on all League Cup Competitions, Extra Time, Penalty Kicks to decide matches - League Cup Rules

Standard Code of Club Rules - own section