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Postponement Form 2023-24

  • 01/08/23
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30 day postponement form. Postponement form should be completed for all dates that are required to be kept free even if no fixture has been scheduled.

Any fixtures postponed using a 30 day postponement form will be re-arranged by the league provided that the form requesting this is received by all relevant league officials 30 days before the date of the fixture. 30 day postponements can be put into the league as soon as fixtures for the season are released. The cut off point for submitting 30 day postponements is 28th February. Any forms received after this date will not be considered under the 30 day postponement scheme. All forms should come from the club secretary and can be submitted as far in advance as required. A team is allowed to submit a maximum of 3 30 day postponement forms which should be submitted to the fixtures secretary and general secretary. If there is a specific date that a team/club does not want a fixture for then a 30 day postponement form should be submitted as early as possible and within the time frame, even if there is currently no fixture for that date. This will ensure that the date requested is kept free and no fixtures will be rescheduled for the date requested.

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